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Door Seals: Sound Seals

Sound rated doors are only as good as the seals around them, which is why sound rated doors are typically only sold packaged with specific seals. You can reduce the sound transmission through any doorway by sealing the perimeter around the door using the same seals. Spring loaded perimeter seals (W45), automatic door bottoms (CT52) and thresholds with weather stripped back rail will provide improvement. Note: we are talking about sound reduction not sound proofing.

Automatic Door Bottoms pictured to the left reduce the sound transmission under a door in the following way. Door Bottoms are mounted on the face of the door to sit between the frame soffits. At the hinge side of door bottom is a pin that extends out when the door is open. When the door is closed the pin is pushed in causing a bottom seal to drop out of the aluminum house and seal the gap beneath the door.


Automatic door bottoms can be surface mounted on the door, semi recessed flush to the face of wood doors, or mortised into the underside of wood or steel doors to remain unseen.  For the non-surface applications the doors will need to be prep’d by us before installation.

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