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Door Seals: Thresholds

Flat “Saddle” style thresholds 1/2” high are commonly used for hollow metal doors and come in varying widths.  Barrier free versions 1/4” high are also available. Square backed thresholds are used for setting against tile floors. Also available are thresholds featuring a raised weather stripped rail to provide a tight water seal against the back edge of an outswing door.  For a complete listing refer to the K.N. Crowder link in the resource section.

Regardless of style, we recommend that all thresholds be notched around the soffit of the frame and positioned so that the front bevel is just slightly in front of the door face to meet the bottom of the door sweep for a better weather seal.  Embedding the sink in a bead of caulking first and then caulking along the edge is recommended. If the concrete sill is sloping in, you may find it necessary to raise the threshold by inserting a strip of acrylic or other water impervious material along the back edge of the threshold.

Where the gap between the door sill and the outside sidewalk presents a problem for barrier free access, Pemko, National Guard and other manufacturers have created modular interlocking aluminum “ramp” sections to provide a gradual slope from the sidewalk to the threshold. Please see the respective links in the resource section to determine the application best suited to your needs.


Fifty years of experience makes K.N. Crowder's threshold business what it is today. We are able to order top of the line products in almost any shape, colour, dimension, and pattern. We also can assist you with your special requests.


All thresholds are supplied punched with No. 10 x 1 1/2" flat head self-drilling tap-con screws at no extra charge.


5" extruded aluminum for standard hollow metal applications. 

1/2" x 5" x 36"

5" extruded aluminum with step and vinyl insert to stop driving rain.

13/16" x 5" x 36"

Extruded aluminum with rigid p.v.c. thermal break to reduce cold conductivity.

1/2" x 5" x 36"

Extruded aluminum low profile threshold for barrier free access.

1/4" x 5" x 36"

Thanks to you for all your work with our door projects and we will not hesitate to use you for any future door issues we might have.