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Door Seals: Weather Strip

Weather seals stop winter drafts and rain from penetrating around and under the door, reduce heating costs, and deny entry to rodents and pests. Unlike aluminum doors, these elements do not come preinstalled and must be added to your hollow metal door and frame. Poorly designed or badly installed seals will not provide the weather protection that you need. A wide variety of seals are available and our staff have the knowledge you need on the important differences between choosing neoprene, vinyl felt, or silicone inserts.


Mill finish aluminum and vinyl. Economically priced for hollow metal doors and frames.


Clear anodized aluminum and closed cell neoprene.


Clear anodized aluminum and dual durometer neopreme.


Clear anodized aluminum and extruded neoprene.


Perimeter weather seals close the gap between the door and the frame soffit. The seals consist of an aluminum trim with a rigid or compressible insert made of vinyl silicone or neoprene. Flexible vinyl or neoprene bulbs provide a good seal at an economical price. Springe loaded seals provide the best seal but cost more.  

Weather seals should only be installed after the door is swinging, latched and the threshold installed so that the seals can adjust for any misalignment between the door and its frame. Where feasible, closer parallel arm brackets should be installed after the weather seals.

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