Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware
Door Seals

Flat “Saddle” style thresholds 1/2” high are commonly used for hollow metal doors and come in varying widths.  Barrier free versions 1/4” high are also available. Square backed thresholds are used for setting against tile floors. Also available are thresholds featuring a raised weather stripped rail to provide a tight water seal against the back edge of an outswing door.  


Door sweeps are available with vinyl (light grey and flexible or rigid) neoprene (black) or nylon brush (black) inserts. Nylon brush sweeps are ideal for high traffic applications, and where you desire to rest the door sweep on the threshold, because they are flexible and will bend. 

Weather Strip

Weather seals stop winter drafts and rain from penetrating around and under the door, reduce heating costs, and deny entry to rodents and pests. A wide variety of seals are available and our staff have the knowledge you need on the important differences between choosing neoprene, vinyl felt, or silicone inserts.

Sound Seals

Sound rated doors are only as good as the seals around them, which is why sound rated doors are typically only sold packaged with specific seals. You can reduce the sound transmission through any doorway by sealing the perimeter around the door using the same seals.

Your installer did a great job on the new door, it looks great and we all love the new way it opens!