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Door Seals: Sweeps

Door sweeps are available with vinyl (light grey and flexible or rigid) neoprene (black) or nylon brush (black) inserts.  Both vinyl and neoprene must be raised slightly above the surface of the threshold or they will split off over time from rubbing. Nylon brush sweeps are ideal for high traffic applications, and where you desire to rest the door sweep on the threshold, because they are flexible and will bend. 

Sweeps are available in different heights to accommodate doors without thresholds and doors that are sitting higher than normal off the threshold. Where doors are significantly undersized, 4” aluminum wrap around door bottoms with sweeps will seal the door against the threshold, and are made by Hager. Sweeps should not be left long to cover the gap between the door and frame because they will end up being caught by traffic and pulling the sweep away from the door.


Use nylon brush door sweeps with their hundreds of individual bristles to seal the bottom of the door against the threshold. Outlasts convential vinyl or neoprene sweeps.


Clear Anodized:

W24S x 36"



S24S x 36"

We appreciate the time frame you have given us to have the doors done. We were very happy with the first one, and are very excited to have them all done!