Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware
Frames: K.D. Frames

Hollow Metal Door Frames are available in several series that make these doors the commercial contractors' first choice for all kinds of wall conditions. Expertise comes in knowing which frames are best for different wall conditions and how to customize them to suite a customer’s special needs.


DW250R for 2 ½” steel studs with ½” drywall each side

DW450R for 3 ½” wood studs or 3 5/8” steel studs with ½” drywall on each side

Tension anchors and side straps secure these frames in their openings.


The flaired sides of DWR frames adds to their appeal, particularly in condominiums and apartment buildings and the useof 1 3/8" doors with these frames allow for a wide variety of door styles. They are also ideal for low cost commercial office projects, but remember they are only available in 6’8” heights and they cannot be fire rated.  


DWK Frames

We supply 18 gage 3 piece hollow metal frames for 1 3/4” doors in 3 sizes:

DW350k for 2 ½” studs with ½” drywall each side

DW462k for 3  ½” wood studs or 3 5/8” steel studs with ½” drywall each side 

DW487k for 3 ½" wood studs or 3 5/8” steel studs with 5/8” drywall each side

These frames also feature tension anchors and side straps for quick, easy installation.


DWK frames are made to support the heavier 1 ¾" thick commercial wood and steel door up to a maximum width of 3’6”. For wider doors we recommend welded door frames. DWK frames can be fire labelled either with a stamped in impression or a riveted metal plate on the hinge side.


Important  Notes:

1. R.S.O.’s: Do not confuse the R.S.O.’s for DWR and DWK frames. Residential 1 3/8” doors are full size eg. 36” x 80”. Commercial 1 3/4” doors are under-width by 3/16” and undercut by 7/8” (ex. 35 13/16 x 83 1/8”). Please see our Hollow Metal Handbook for the correct R.S.O.’s.


2. Strikes: DWR Frames come with a “T” strike; DWK frames with an ASA strike. Both strikes are centered at 40 5/16” from the finished floor for flush doors. However, if you are using panel doors with A midrail, you need to specify a “colonial” strike setting of 36 ½” from the bottom of the frame so that your strike lines up with the center line of the midrail.This applies only to the typical 2, 4 and 6 panel doors; with other panel styles centring the strike on the midrail maynot be practical (ex.5 panel doors).

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