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Door Stop

Lockdoor offers a variety of door stops to suit your needs. Prevent damage on your hinges by buying these functional and stylish door stops. The shown simple kick downs hold the door open without causing damage. 

Pulls and Plates

Though we typically pull open doors with our hands at approximately 42” off the floor and push doors open with our hands higher at 54”, people have installed 16” push plates centred behind the pull plates. Better in our opinion to order 5” x 20” push plates that is installed just below the bottom push pull mounting bolt and then extends upwards or use longer push plates to accommodate both children and adults.


Not everyone can reach up to pull down a flush bolt or surface bolt if the doors are higher than 7’0” . We can supply the flush bolts with longer threaded rods and supply longer surface bolts than standard, but the prep on the door must be lower and in the case of surface bolts threaded rivet inserts will prevent the bottom fasteners from working loose.

Your installer did a great job on the new door, it looks great and we all love the new way it opens!