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GEN Hardware: Bolts

Not everyone can reach up to pull down a flush bolt or surface bolt if the doors are higher than 7’0”. We can supply the flush bolts with longer threaded rods and supply longer surface bolts than standard, but the prep on the door must be lower and in the case of surface bolts threaded rivet inserts will prevent the bottom fasteners from working loose.


Using bolts is an easy method to get some added security to your building. We offer options for both residential and commercial applications.

Flush Bolts:

Lever extention flush bolt for use on hollow metal doors (DC840)

Slide flush bolt commonly used on residential 1 3/8" doors (HA281S)

Dust proof strike for use on carpet or tile (T840NP)


Heavy Duty Bolts:

Standard 9" surface bolt for hollow metal doors (081A)

Locking 9" surface bolts for added security. Top bolt shown. (SB1630TL/BL-KA)

Your teck was here yesterday to complete the doors and we are very happy with his workmanship and his professionalism.