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GEN Hardware: Door Stop

Lockdoor offers a variety of door stops to suit your needs. Prevent damage on your hinges by buying these functional and stylish door stops. The shown simple kick downs hold the door open without causing damage.


Kickdowns are a quick and simple way of holding doors open, although they may NOT be installed on fire rated doors.  5” Kickdowns with replaceable rubber tips are often supplied for interior doors. For exterior doors, we recommend 8”, 10”, or 12” kickdowns. The use of kickdowns deters users from blocking doors open by jamming  objects between the door and its frame Trying to close the door later with those objects,  now forgotten, still in place stresses the spot welds that hold the internal mounting plates behind the hinges and over time bends the plates or breaks the welds.


Floor stops are sold as high dome or low dome with risers for unusual situations depending on the height of the floor finish and the undercut of the door. Rather than carry both sizes, or worse run out of one size on a job, we recommend universal floor stops which have a low base but higher back rest to suit all situations.

Wall stops are an alternative but require the forethought to install blocking in the wall so that they cannot be punched open by people in a hurry. Floor stops with hooks or clips that can attach to catches on the door are a quick and easy way to keep doors open.

Your teck was here yesterday to complete the doors and we are very happy with his workmanship and his professionalism.