Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware
Hinges: Continuous

The fact that geared aluminum hinges distribute the stress of carrying the door over the length of the hinge makes them ideal for high traffic applications where template hinges would have a shorter life cycle. Full Mortise continuous hinges are typically ordered for new doors and frames.  When ordering these continuous hinges remember that the door must be ordered under-width to accommodate the hinge thickness and that both the door and the frame need internal reinforcing to support the hinge screws. Also, use two workers to install each door. Attach the hinge to the door first and make sure the door is fully blocked with shims in its opening before installing the jamb side.


Full Surface Continuous Hinges are especially popular with installers for replacing worn pivot hinges on aluminum doors because they eliminate the need to rip up thresholds to get at the anchoring screws underneath the bottom pivot.  Manufacturers have various models of continuous hinges included half/surface  and half mortise to accommodate different mounting conditions. See the link in our resource section Hager Hinges to find the right application or call our service desk.  Again, after you install the hinge on the door use a helper and block the door with shims in its opening before fastening to the jamb.

We appreciate the time frame you have given us to have the doors done. We were very happy with the first one, and are very excited to have them all done!