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Orbit Locksets are also known as “knob sets” or “ball knobs”. We feature the Dorex Line of commercial orbit sets, both the Grade 2 “TL” series and the Grade 1 “GX” heavy duty series which can be supplied with either a Weiser or Schlage “C” compatible keyway.


Levers are highlypopular and a standard spec for most projects.  We offer Dorex Lever sets in the Grade 2 FHC, (bent back),FC (curved back) or FS (straight) styles and in the Grade 3 FHC style. These locks come with optional through bolts which require you to make a pilot hole on either side of the lock hole before installing the lever.


Mortise locksets consist of a box mechanism with detachable spindles and trim– levers, deadbolts, thumb turns and keyways. Although more expensive than orbit sets or levers, mortise locks are very robust and offer a wider range of functions and applications.

Your teck was here yesterday to complete the doors and we are very happy with his workmanship and his professionalism.