Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware

Orbit Locksets are also known as “knob sets” or “ball knobs”. We feature the Dorex Line of commercial orbit sets, both the Grade 2 “TL” series and the Grade 1 “GX” heavy duty series which can be supplied with either a Weiser or Schlage “C” compatible keyway.


Levers are highlypopular and a standard spec for most projects.  We offer Dorex Lever sets in the Grade 2 FHC, (bent back),FC (curved back) or FS (straight) styles and in the Grade 3 FHC style. These locks come with optional through bolts which require you to make a pilot hole on either side of the lock hole before installing the lever.


Mortise locksets consist of a box mechanism with detachable spindles and trim– levers, deadbolts, thumb turns and keyways. Although more expensive than orbit sets or levers, mortise locks are very robust and offer a wider range of functions and applications.

Thanks to you for all your work with our door projects and we will not hesitate to use you for any future door issues we might have.