Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware
Locksets: Mortise

Mortise locksets consist of a box mechanism with detachable spindles and trim– levers, deadbolts, thumb turns and keyways. Although more expensive than orbit sets or levers, mortise locks are very robust and offer a wider range of functions and applications. Field reversing the handing of the lock can usually be accomplished by relocating a screw on the chassis then pulling out and reversing the latch.


Mortise locks are very versatile. The functions of these locks can be changed by adjusting the internal components instead of having to buy a new lock. However, we strongly suggest that only trained personnel be allow to open the mortise box, as non-trained personnel may not be able to reassemble the lock in good working order. The use of these locks will require the door to have a slot mortise into the edge of the door and the function holes predrilled for the levers, locks and thumb turns.


Important Note: The construction of the mortise lock requires the mortise case to be centred 3/8” below the standard latch setting of cylindrical locks in order for the latch and deadbolt to sit into the ASA strike on the frame. Be sure to check the hinge and strike setting chart in the resource section before ordering any wood doors to confirm the correct machining. Mortise hollow metal doors will come with the correct setting if ordered with a mortise lock prep.

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