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Locksets: Orbit

Orbit Locksets are also known as “knob sets” or “ball knobs”. We feature the Dorex Line of commercial orbit sets, both the Grade 2 “TL” series and the Grade 1 “GX” heavy duty series which can be supplied with either a Weiser or Schlage “C” compatible keyway.  The TL Series can be purchased with either the standard 2 3/4” backset or, for residential applications and particularly when installing in style and rail doors, the 2 3/8” backset. The TL series is available in a C3 brass finish or C30 stainless steel finish.


Most cylindrical locksets sold today are designated as either Grade 3 – residential, Grade 2 – light duty commercial or Grade 1 – heavy duty commercial/institutional. The grade refers to the ANSI standard tests for door hardware. If the product literature says that the locks “conform to”, rather than is, ANSI Grade 1 etc., that means the manufacture has carried out its own tests to determine compliance rather than pay the ANSI to authorize the testing.  Hardware that “conforms to ANSI” may be just as good as hardware tested by the standard.


At one time, so called “import” hardware or “off shore“ hardware  was considerednot as good by some in the industryas locksets manufactured domestically. That issue has become less important because of the high quality of much of the product and because many manufacturers avail themselves of at least some off shore product.


Locksets are available in a variety of styles in both orbit and lever designs and in a wide array of finishes (Ex. brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze) which can be identified by three different numbering systems.  A chart equating the different numbers with the same finishes is included in the resource section. The most popular finish for commercial use is satin chrome, designated as 626 or C26D. Orbit locksets, once the standard in the industry, have largely given way to lever handles because of barrier free requirement in the Ontario Building Code.


Locksets are available in a number of standard basic functions: passage, privacy, office/entry, classroom, storeroom and dummy locksets. Most of these are familiar to you. Classroom locksets can be both always locked or always unlocked by the key; storeroom locksets are always locked and require a key for entry.

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