Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Architectural Hardware
Building Inspections

Early detection of door problems can prevent larger more costly issues from arising for building owners and property managers. If you are a restoration or property maintenance contractor, giving early warnings of these of problems will be appreciated by your clients and establish your working relationship.

Custom Fabrication

Our hollow metal and wood shops can provide custom sized doors with non standard hinge and lock locations to suit any wall condition. We also rework existing doors to install lite kits, fill function holes, and reinforce edge seams and undercuts.

Keying Service

We provide complete master key systems at the start of the project to avoid costly and unnecessary key and cylinder change overs after the project is done. In addition, we supply CX5 high security key systems with CX5's patented side groove. Providing one of the most secure and economical keying option on the market today.

We appreciate the time frame you have given us to have the doors done. We were very happy with the first one, and are very excited to have them all done!